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RandCare Silicone Eyeliner Makeup

RandCare Silicone Eyeliner Makeup

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Item Type: Eyeliner Stencils Wing Tips
Material: Silicone
Color: as showing
Weight: 13 g
Package Contents: 1 Pcs Eyeliner Stencils Wing Tips

1. Eyeliner Stencils Wing Tips, Make makeup easier and faster,Multi-functional face makeup tool, All face shapes in just one step, save time, simple and fast

2. Lipstick Tool, Use the curve of the aid to apply lipstick or lip-liner, you will get accurate lip shape

3. Eyebrow styling, Adjust the angle according to your beauty and draw along the end of the eyebrow to obtain a delicate and beautiful shape.

4. Eye shadow, Put the makeup tool over your eyelid, adjust the shadow range to apply, and the perfect eye shadow is born.

5. Eyelashes Tool, Place our aid too gently covers the lashes with closed eye and follow the curved to apply, you will get smooth eyeliner makeup.

6. No cleaning, Use a paper towel to easily wipe-off surface stains after use

7. Food-grade silicone material,Soft and durable, not easy to damage

8. Intimate hook design,Convenient storage

9. Tail spoon design,Can be used in face cream

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